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These immortal words greeted my first ever depot jab, last September, of steroids. Oh they were a relief. However, I’m scared of them as a drug class, proper scared, since i nursed a fair number of scary, leary ‘roid ragers when I worked in psychiatry. Yes I know these are different to the bodybuilder ones, but we all have our foibles and fears and these drugs are mine. I’m planning to have/risk another tomorrow, when I also have my second anti-TNF assessment. Murphy’s Law being what it is, I am turning up with my best possible presentation in terms of not so much pain and swelling. The last month has had many mini-remission type pleasures. Well, we’ll see how I go. Last months DAS score was 6.60, even with nice low ESR and CRP results. Despite copeing OK-ish at the moment, I do long to try Humira. I would love a time of better health, whatever time I could have.

I also continue to cheer up immensely after stopping taking that depressing Sulphasalazine, and while a fair bit of the pain is back this week, the fatigue is not as bad as earlier this year. Mind you, today is shattering, but that’s down to a 3 hour kiddies party in high humidity.

I spoke to a few other mums randomly clustered around Hampstead Heath yesterday. As it’s the start of the 6 week school holidays, there was a fair amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth about this impossible length of time spent en famille. I think it’s just fashionable in NW3 to whinge about it, they did actually seem a bit pleased about some of their plans with their kids. I mentioned I am having a whopping steroid depot in my expansive derriere on the first true day of our holiday and that I was really looking forward to it as it meant I would be able to cope with the energy levels required. After an arctic silence, I was group-informed that daily gin and tonic at 5pm was just as good a way forward. I must remember how left-field much of this business of having RA is to many people, and save the gory details from strangers. 🙂

So I drifted off in a haze of alternate reality, where auto-immune diseases could be suppressed by a nice Chardonnay with possible a Scotch chaser on particularly bad days. Wouldn’t that be luvverly?


Made a start on keeping track of my treatment history

6 mtx
2 sulfa
2 co-codamol
1 voltoral
11 tablets in one go

Plus the thyroxine, iron, co-codamol and voltarol during the day. Hey, maybe this is why I don’t lose weight. It’s not the immobility, it’s the calorie intake from pills. I try to count my blessings that I can obtain all these drugs without health insurance forms to fill, or emptying a bank account unexpectedly, but honestly I just feel ‘gah’ about it.

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