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I’m just out of consult, and it’s as good as it gets. It’s a sort of remission, or a serious damping down at any rate.

I have to live with the monthly peaks, plan around them and get exercising again preferably without injuring myself this time. Lesson learnt, just because it feels good at the time, I can’t really thrash things in the pool like I used to! Plus I must stop trying to play so hard with my ever growing young boys. The main impact of injuries in my case seems to be, apart from extra joint damage, that I then have to take steroids which melt my immune system, increasing infections rate and severity and meaning I have to delay the MTX and Humira. Which in turn cycles me into non-healing joints etc.

I live and learn.

Bloods are all behaving nicely. It was also reassuring to hear about new research which shows anti-TNFs reduce cholesterol which been raised a bit by MTX.

I had a good whinge about my GPs daft notion that I go in 24 times a year to present blood results, despite only have my bloods done 6 times a year (which needs 12 visits only). Hopefully I’ve imploded that situation anyway by arranging with pharmacy to run my repeat MTX situation. They seem infinitely more efficient and less panicky than the GP reception staff.

That’s it really. I know this situation is as good as it gets, as my next appointments are in the agreeably hazy future, and not next month.


Does my bum look big in this?

Does my bum look big in this?

…the steroid jab on the 22nd July I mapped the RA pain like this picture shows. It’s the aide memoir I did for the nurse. Heavy lines are the really sore parts, the ones that keep you awake, others just hurt. Blanks or crosses mean no pain there.

I have been trying to post for two days with no respite from stuff to do and naps to nap. My second anti-TNF assessment was also very quick and was a basic rubber stamping exercise. I wonder how much the assessment process costs the NHS, when it was clearly a hoop being jumped through in my case. Anyway, I was so relieved, I cried. I will probably start it in 3-4 weeks time: paperwork, appointments to get through first.

I did take the Depo-Medrone jab. And wow do I feel better on it. Far less pain, and truly deep sleep. So I’m looking forward to my week holiday starting tomorrow. I’ll actually be able to go on the beach and walk on it, which I wouldn’t have been able to do last week.

See you in August!

These immortal words greeted my first ever depot jab, last September, of steroids. Oh they were a relief. However, I’m scared of them as a drug class, proper scared, since i nursed a fair number of scary, leary ‘roid ragers when I worked in psychiatry. Yes I know these are different to the bodybuilder ones, but we all have our foibles and fears and these drugs are mine. I’m planning to have/risk another tomorrow, when I also have my second anti-TNF assessment. Murphy’s Law being what it is, I am turning up with my best possible presentation in terms of not so much pain and swelling. The last month has had many mini-remission type pleasures. Well, we’ll see how I go. Last months DAS score was 6.60, even with nice low ESR and CRP results. Despite copeing OK-ish at the moment, I do long to try Humira. I would love a time of better health, whatever time I could have.

I also continue to cheer up immensely after stopping taking that depressing Sulphasalazine, and while a fair bit of the pain is back this week, the fatigue is not as bad as earlier this year. Mind you, today is shattering, but that’s down to a 3 hour kiddies party in high humidity.

I spoke to a few other mums randomly clustered around Hampstead Heath yesterday. As it’s the start of the 6 week school holidays, there was a fair amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth about this impossible length of time spent en famille. I think it’s just fashionable in NW3 to whinge about it, they did actually seem a bit pleased about some of their plans with their kids. I mentioned I am having a whopping steroid depot in my expansive derriere on the first true day of our holiday and that I was really looking forward to it as it meant I would be able to cope with the energy levels required. After an arctic silence, I was group-informed that daily gin and tonic at 5pm was just as good a way forward. I must remember how left-field much of this business of having RA is to many people, and save the gory details from strangers. 🙂

So I drifted off in a haze of alternate reality, where auto-immune diseases could be suppressed by a nice Chardonnay with possible a Scotch chaser on particularly bad days. Wouldn’t that be luvverly?

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