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Currently on tenterhooks to see how much damage I’ve just done to my right shoulder this time. Had to catch my five year old as he fell head over tail down the stairs. As I stood there holding him up, upside down, with his head about 6 inches from a tiled floor I thought ‘Thank goodness I got him’ closely followed by ‘Argh!’.

My right shoulder is again pretty sore, have had to hit up the pain relief and anti-inflammatories. Really hoping it settles OK. No exercise, boo hoo, so I sublimated that urge by exploring how to build a Wiki for me and a few RA mates to record our exercise experiences. Hope to link to that after my trip away next week.


Haven’t had one of these for a while! Except the slight upswell of discomfort days 11-14 as Humira wears off. This one occured days 6-10. Very clearly started with extra tiredness, and hunger, then moved onto increased shoulder and hip pain on the right side. These ones almost always hurt by the end of the day anyway, they take serious childcare punishment! But my hands went up as well days 8-10, with some stiffness and gelling on rest.

Possibly the recent reduction in Methotrexate, possibly a change in diet, more of which in soon-to-come post. Anyway, there it is for the record. Glad it seems to be over today, and energy especially back to normal. I get bored grim by the effort of mentally flogging myself through the day.

…gritted through pain and effort of persistence. Mind you, not as awful as yesterday’s crisis. Not what you’d wish on an enemy either.

So, i rang every 45 minutes til husband got home from his big bank job (no, not that kind!) at lunchtime. he had the kids this afternoon. i went down and had a blood-out-of-stone convo with a sweet but undertrained 20 year old desk clerk that basically went:

‘hi, have you got any cancellations for this afternoon please?’
‘no, sorry, first available appointment is thursday, we had some this morning, you should have called’
‘i did, six times, but that’s in the past, can you help me now?
‘not really i’m afraid’
‘well, i will wait just here all afternoon for a no-show spot, and can i have a word with whoever’s in charge today. I’ll need a letter to take back to A&E tonight explaining i couldnt see a gp’
‘do you need to go to a&e?’
‘i did yesterday, they helped and they said i had to come in today to review my pain meds’
‘what do you take?’
‘quite a few things that aren’t working well’
‘what meds’
‘well, codydamol…’
‘so you need some cocodymol ok then’
‘no, no i don’t need repeat prescriptions they aren’t working, i need a consultation with a medic. i can wait all afternoon.’
‘um, i can get a doctor to write a new prescription’
‘no thank you, i need to see a doctor about some problems that have come up’
‘what problems?’
{madam here turns around and fails to count the long queue of people enjoying her masterful temper management}
‘i can talk about those in private if you need to know, where shall we go?’
‘i can’t leave the desk really’
‘and it’s not fair for me to have to do this, but i’ve vomited blood once today having had opiates at a&e last night, i’m still in a great deal of pain and i’m not sure if my new biological drug is causing any of these problems’
{her eyes register fear at the word biologicals, the queue goes very still and quiet and shuffles back a little}
‘i’ll just have a word with the triage doctor’


30 minutes later, i’m given an appointment for 2.5 hours later. i call up my husband and we sit and watch the boys play in the sun for a while. certainly made the best of it.

gp was sweet and showered me with tramadol, 30/500 cocodamol and omeprazole and advised on what likely to happen at consult next month.

Oh lordy. Had a very extreme pain crisis yesterday afternoon and night. Right jaw – for which I have a maxillo-facial consult booked for end of October. Have had this pain on and off since November last year. Thought it was toothache, 4 visits to the dentist later, root canal work and a night-time bridge thingy later, she says – it’s not your teeth.

Yesterday, the pain was worse than labour, relieved only by squeezing up co-codamol pain relief into every 4 hours and taking 2 glasses of wine. Bum in air, forehead on floor also helped as my jaw was kind of hanging there not hurting anywhere near as much. Thought I’d got away with it, went to bed very dozy, woke in great pain again after 30 minutes went straight to A&E. Exemplary history taking, quick access to nurse and then doctor. Who did the best exam of the area I’ve yet had, says it’s the RA. Gave me Tramadol and a different presentation of codeine for today. Strict instructions to see GP today.

Rang GP twice at 0830 when lines open, coudn’t get through. Took older boy into extra session of pre-school (thank you to them, a thousand times for having him). Baby zonked out with start of cold now. Called GP again at 0930. No appointments free. No advice on how to access any medical care. I want to understand differences between pain killers, and have a stash of Tramadol against repeat emergencies. Also, seriously considering getting private MRI of jaw, by practice in Harley Street who have a maxillo-facial specialist on their list. About £300. But! I need a GP referral for this.

Back to square one then. Have my phone timer on and am calling practice for cancellations every 45 minutes. Can they call me if they get one? No! I am in pain, I find it very hard to care for the kids, my husband doesn’t earn if he doesn’t work. I don’t like this, no sirreee.

Does my bum look big in this?

Does my bum look big in this?

…the steroid jab on the 22nd July I mapped the RA pain like this picture shows. It’s the aide memoir I did for the nurse. Heavy lines are the really sore parts, the ones that keep you awake, others just hurt. Blanks or crosses mean no pain there.

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