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Took my second dose of Humira on Wednesday, five days ago. Was completely zonked out all day Thursday with sharp, granular stabbing joint pains just about everywhere. Plus fatigue and huge headache. Friday was a pallid re-run of Thursday, without the granular, hurting crunchiness, but instead with lots of joint popping noises and sensations and what I can only describe as some kind of hypermobility in them. Saturday, woke feeling normal-me energy levels and only pains seemed to be the usual suspect erosion rubs. No inflammation I think. Today, I woke up lying flat on my stomach, arms akimbo and generally had been sleeping like someone who doesn’t need to protect her joints from movement. Feel great again, really great.

Headaches have pretty much worn off: might have been detox from cocodymol, who knows? So, now I am the very definition of cautiously optimistic about the benefits of Humira. Will be interested to see how long this current comfort zone lasts. And will change next injection day to a Tuesday, as I have more help and less childcare to do on Wednesdays.


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