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Blinking nora that seasonal flu jab site is sore. Really felt it when swimming, every stroke of right arm felt like a punchlet. But I can now do length sets of 6 of each stroke before changing over, and did 30 lengths in total. Small and consisent, that’s going to be the secret of my exercise future, the polar opposite of my past eating habits >greedy guts emoticon<

Have a good weekend everyone.


Soooo, there I was mentally twiddling my thumbs during husband’s birthday treat. We’re watching a DVD called ‘Eagle Eye’, about a Big Brother computer that runs amok and tries to take over the good ole US of A while wantonly killing actors I vaguely recognised. The chinless wonder lead is being rung up and given instructions and is haring around improbable situations and bouncing after improbably large falls, like his co-stars nice hair do. It’s a boy movie with paranoia supplied by mobile phones, essentially.

Then my message service rings and a bored woman says

‘Mrs S, we are ready to make our first delivery to you. Service is available between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Please call us on nnnnnnnnnn’

I nearly corpsed laughing at the coincidence. At least I don’t have to run around breathlessly to reach my next instruction point (the only type of running I could probably manage).

I assume this is Healthcare at Home who are outsourced to provide Humira delivery and injection training.

Or is it …… ?

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The blog has had it’s first spam. Which I take to mean I’m a faint blip on the blogosphere radar. Woowoo


MIA a while.

  • The dog ate my homework
  • I was having a great anti-flare time
  • I’ve had loads of sole charge of kids
  • Houseguests
  • And a four year old birthday party
  • The 16 month old has dropped a nap
  • And has started having tantrums
  • And is glued to me
  • Did I mention the dog ate my homework?
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    So, am I organised enough to blog?


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