Synovial Syntax

A laywoman’s medical history

Kind of makes me laugh to ‘publish’ bits of my own medical history. When I think of the interminable meetings and directives, and technological and procedural hoops I’ve waded through in the past to be allowed to handle patient identifable information.

Immune history
Erm, usual childhood stuff, except no chickenpox til I was 21. Ouch.
Glandular fever as a mid-teen.
Giardiasis in South America.
Immunisations as they were back in the day…plus travel to India, Sri Lanka and South America at various times.
Auto-immune hypothyroiditis summer 2005
Rheumatoid arthritis summer 2008
Probable IBS/Coeliac/something during 2009 and early 2010. By the time we got to proper testing, I was on sucha healthy diet that all the poor man-with-tube-up-arse could see was white, healing patches.

Joint symptoms
Toe joint swelling as a pre-teen, probably from too much dancing
?Carpal tunnel/RSI in mid-30s probably overwork
Carpal tunnel in pregnancies
Hand, wrist, shoulder, elbow pain post-partum 2005 for several months, improved 90% on cessation of breastfeeding.
Hand, wrist, elbow, ankles post-partum 2008. Pain severe, sought medical advice.
On methotrexate, sulphasalazine 2009: pains as above plus shoulders, knees, right hip, both jaws.
Stopped sulfa, June 2009. another Depo-Medrone July 2009, also anti-TNF assessment passed, due to start in September 2009 on Humira


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