Synovial Syntax


Posted on: August 4, 2011

Hello! Thought I’d swing by and say, here I am, living with RA and it’s OK enough. Started and stopped a part time job a while ago. Was very taxing, but much of that wasn’t me or the RA. Though I definetely stopped it before the job did make me properly ill. Will try better luck next time, possibly when youngest starts school, unless some plum drops in my lap before then.

Have made a big decision to go on a very low calorie diet to try and improve health and strength. Weight has been creeping on +++ but enough excuses, time to deal with it. Will pop a note in good time about how that goes. All medics very supportive, despite lowness of calorie intake.

Another consult in September, will be back then. Much happier on the 17.5mg of injectable MTX than on the oral.


1 Response to "Lightweight"

Got my eyes crossed (never ra fingers) that the diet works and soooo glad to hear that the injectable metho has helped!

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