Synovial Syntax

Smaller peaks

Posted on: July 11, 2010

No, I’ve not lost so much weight my funbags are deflating. As very if. Though I have lost some weight, preen preen. It is the thought of the surgeries likely to come in years to come that is making me peg away at it, trying to get a pound or two off every month.

Sidetracked at outset, not good is it? What I came on to say is that I’ve done another snapshot of The Graph That Doctors Love (TM) prior to my next consult with rheumatology in a few days time. Sure puts perspective on what I felt was a painful and problematic late winter/early spring. Not as bad as it has been so far. Think it was the general unwellness wearing me down most in retrospect. So, things settling down OK I think when I can actually take my Humira regularly. And small peaks every month due to hormonal shifts. Well they look small on paper but I feel ruddy rudderless and sore on those few days every month.

For the record, I am so glad that the shoulder pain from a stupid injury that I had Feb-April is gone that I am currently raising a beer to the vagueness of my memory of it. The pain that is, not the beer. Looking forward to finding out more about my bloods recently. Wonder how close I am to whatever is the current working definition of remission. Will report back next weekend I expect.

RA prescribing by joints inflammed, pain reporting and drugs going in

Warp speed 6, Captain


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