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What time do you call this, young lady?

Posted on: June 19, 2010

Been AWOL, not entirely sure why. Combination of boredom with RA, resurgence of activity after the boredom and switch of browser where I didn’t tab this site as a daily look-at. Mistake! Out of sight, out of mind.

Anyway, a brief update:

  • End of winter was hard. Many bugs from older boy’s new school, round after round of infection in cold, damp weather. Got to the stage where I was only able to take Humira about once a month, so of course, I flared.
  • Once that was under control we experimented with reducing dose of methotrexate, mistake, flared again. Methotrexate back up again, Humira taken every 2 weeks, happy result: I’m very comfortable and very well feeling. Just very mild joint warmth and slowness in the morning.
  • Oh and during the whole flare-y winter period I also injured my shoulder quite bady. Swung the younger child up onto my hip and just felt my shoulder give. Fissured but luckily not torn tendons, then bursitis with synovitis. Got about 60% of that pain under control with a local steroid shot, but it was a subsequent systemic steroid that really healed me. I did not enjoy living on tramadol etc for a couple of months, but needs must…I stopped the addictive drugs with a couple of days mild headache only. Lovely to have a fresh head again.
  • Am being very conservative about activity still, though oh! I would love to swim or something.
    Especially as I’m losing weight after a good period off steroids and healthy eating.
  • Workwise: I did some simple consulting, failed to get a job in my old field that was part-time on grounds of being over-qualified and am currently doing some data analysis in a different field which is very refreshing and reviving. Not much, a sporadic 10-20 hours a week only.
  • More sooner, I seem to have found my discipline mojo recently.


    4 Responses to "What time do you call this, young lady?"

    Well, we have missed you. Sorry about the bugs and flares, but delighted that it wasn’t more serious. Welcome back among the bloggers.

    Sorry to hear about the flare-y winter, but glad to hear that it seems to be under control now. Welcome back 🙂

    Thank you, it is nice to be back.

    Welcome Back!!!! Sorry to hear about your winter of discontent, but glad things are getting better!

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