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Hooray for anti TNFs!

Posted on: January 7, 2010

What a good girl

Fab journey in, snow out of London = no traffic in London. Clinic late to get going, but was well armed with papers, mags and coffee, so was just revelling in child free morning.

Saw the Prof, and I got a gold star for being such a good Humira responder. Rock solid good blood work. No joint swelling. See you in three months time. He won’t countenance going to every 12 days on its frequency just yet. Need more evidence over time. Has reduced my MTX now right down to 10mg, see if I can come off it. Hope I can, would love to live without the weekly day of nausea. Some concern over sore throat and persistent cough, but not much, as I am clearly so well otherwise and exposed to so much junk via kiddies. Just keep an eye on it. Though would have been sent for Xray to be on safe side, if the unit was working normally. Was emergency films only due to staff shortages in the snow. Probably will have to go to GP next week if no better, but all this gets easier soon, as older boy starts school today!

Nothing else to report on the NHS front. Except that I got advised by a TV screen in the waiting room to ‘enjoy sex responsibly’. Which made me want to spit my coffee. Because a) it’s 0810 and b) it’s not your business and c) I’ll enjoy it or nay as I please and d) it’s not alcohol, just don’t be daft.


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