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8th and 9th Humira doses

Posted on: January 5, 2010

Were fine! Am quite defo settled on this drug for now I think. Have a consult tomorrow, have a persistent cough to worrit him about and that’s about all. I wonder if I am close to his definition of remission? Feel pretty good and overwhelmingly thankful.

I will however ask if any chance of getting Humira slightly more frequently. I finally charted all the data form my last visit and I can certainly see the wee spikes of pain on days 12-14 of my current 2 week cycle. I don’t mind them, but I worry a bit about performance with any work on those days, I really struggle through them in terms of energy.

Ooh, quick let me toddle off and see if I can post a pic of today’s chart. Speaks a 1,000 words 🙂

Belated season’s greetings and a very hopeful and happy New Year to you dear reader.


1 Response to "8th and 9th Humira doses"

Happy new year. Looking forward to hearing how your appointment goes.

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