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Panic, Captain Mannering

Posted on: December 1, 2009

I had an MRI for my TMJ on Friday afternoon. It was at 1650, with unit closing at 1800. Which will be relevant to this post. I’d had a head one done years ago as a ‘normal’ subject in a research study on thought process in schizophrenia (insert obvious joke here), and it was water off a ducks back.

This time though, I panicked. I did not know I was going to be cannulated, and am still not clear what substance was going to be introduced into me, something for contrast apparently, towards end of process. It was a full body scanner, with special plastic head clamps and headphones which get me rigid in position, which I had no time to adjust to.

I hadn’t thought it through at all, so kept my eyes tight closed. Of course, my chronic nasty sinuses started draining and I needed to cough. I opened my eyes to get my bearings, saw my nose and mouth unexpectedly reflected at me, thought I looked young, thought ‘I want my mum’ and promptly threw up the muffins I’d cooked as a treat at home for the boys before leaving. Grossly, I had to swallow this rather than aspirate it, while pounding the panic button for all it was worth.

I was almost wordlessly removed and detangled, told I could either not have it done or go back to GP for sedation for second go round, and bundled out with no other care. I was so shaky! Bah I say.


2 Responses to "Panic, Captain Mannering"

What a horrible experience! I hope you’re able to find a different facility for future testin.

That sounds awful. They should have warned you ahead of time what this particular MRI would be like. I’ve had one MRI — for a suspicious lump in my breast– and the techs explained everything very clearly beforehand. I don’t blame you for panicking. What a helpless feeling!

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