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RA-coaster, “you get more out of it”

Posted on: November 18, 2009

As I’m having a dent thumped in my recent breeziness inspired by good response to Humira, I was thinking about RA Guy’s rollercoaster vid he posted earlier in the year (I can’t find it RA Guy!). I thought it a potent and grinding description of the flares of RA. I see today he’s also been posting about how at least it’s not boring!

I can’t agree more. I expect that this minor set back I’m having will only sweeten my memories of recent good times. And maybe they’ll come again, maybe they won’t. I do kind of like that while I was better I was obsessed with same-old-same-old route back to same-old same-old work, but that now I’m thinking creatively about it again. How to and when to get back to work if the Humira promise turns out to be short lived. It’s much less boring to have a challenge, and a new view on things.


4 Responses to "RA-coaster, “you get more out of it”"

Glad the Humira is tackling your joint pain Lana, but what side effects are you getting? I am finding it far less taxing to take than methotrexate was. And as for sulfasalazine, ew. No thank you. By the time I had my 3rd Humira dose I was really getting the benefit. A renaissance! Wishing you the same:)

I love RA Guy’s rollercoaster video too! I just hate when I actually live it. Humira’s side effects aren’ the greatest. It almost makes me want to stop taking it. I am actually (on my second dose – I blogged about it), and I am seeing improving in my joint pain. RA isn’t a challenge to take, but it is not boring, unpredictable if any thing. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment there.

Have fun riding the RA roller coaster!!!

ah cheers. was searching on flare/up/down type terms. thanks for this xfx

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