Synovial Syntax

6th Humira dose

Posted on: November 18, 2009

I usually take this last thing at night every other Tuesday. Hummed and hawed about it yesterday and didn’t last night, but did take it along with MTX this morning. Have been feeling various minorish types of unwell for over a week now: cough, grotty sinuses, tired, rheumatoid nodule up, right hip and left knee twinging, rock hard lymph glands and then some more cough and sinus action.

Suspected an RA flare, trying to ignore it as I so want my precious wonderful remission to stay! Then yesterday I had a bout of full on 100% RA weariness, and slept 12 hours. So despite some minor signs of infection, have taken the DMARDS. I think my infection symptoms are just a combo of the various colds doing the rounds at nursery and cold weather. Am wondering if the stimulation to my immune system of recent vaccinations has complicated things a bit.

I think my search for narrative/understanding of this stuff is tiring. It’s just a posh way for saying I’m worrying, isn’t it? But I have to learn from each thing that happens so I can take care of myself and the family. Wonder how it pans out…


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