Synovial Syntax

Take it back

Posted on: November 14, 2009

Blinking nora that seasonal flu jab site is sore. Really felt it when swimming, every stroke of right arm felt like a punchlet. But I can now do length sets of 6 of each stroke before changing over, and did 30 lengths in total. Small and consisent, that’s going to be the secret of my exercise future, the polar opposite of my past eating habits >greedy guts emoticon<

Have a good weekend everyone.


2 Responses to "Take it back"

Thanks Wren, have had some cold (Cough cough cough) symptoms over the weekend and have to miss aqua tonight to give myself best chance of taking Humira tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement!

My arm hurt for about 36 hours after I got the seasonal flu shot, too. But at least I’m relatively safe from that flu bug this year. Still haven’t had the H1N1 shot yet — it’s just plain not available around here, still.

You’re really doing great with the exercise, SynSen. 30 lengths — amazing. And that in spite of a sore arm. I’m impressed, and you’re an inspiration.

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