Synovial Syntax

Just under 3 hours

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Was the time spent waiting for my two appointments today. One hospital, one GP. Add in travelling time, nearly 5 hours. I’m not going to sound off about this, just note it. I was and am too busy trying to figure out a realistic number of hours I can offer to work in a month, with children, their sicknesses, school holidays, house management and healthcare appointments. I’m thinking 90 hours a month maybe, 70 comfortably. Can get a lot done in the right job with that many hours, even if only half of them are really productive. I’ll see.

So after that waiting I got my Pneumovax and seasonal flu jabs done, and note that compared to the Humira, I could barely feel the injections. My nurse specialist didn’t make it to work today, so I had a cheery registrar and med student instead. They were in a state of aching delight over my graph of symptoms and meds, and we spent more time going over my old CV than talking about Humira progress. Funnily enough, it’s been a bigger boost than anything else could have been, to remember myself being effective and engaged outside of the home, and illness.

Also, spent my travelling time rehearsing ideas for interview type situations. It’ll be a bit of a challenge to be brief and clear about where the RA and parental responsibilities have overlapped to keep me out of paid employment, and how I will manage them from now on in.


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