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Plans A to Z

Posted on: November 10, 2009

All this progress on Humira is a real relief and starts me thinking about having more of a life than trying to cope with family and home. I’ve got so many plans and ideas rummaging around, and some underway!

  • I’m singing alto in a Messiah chorus, an eight week commitment into early December which is proving a real pleasure, I see a couple of old friends there and am making a couple of new ones. A boost for the social life, a physical and mental pleasure and a relief from previous fatigue levels…going out at night! And holding up a heavy score, beyond me 3 months ago
  • Swimming on Friday nights, aqua-aerobics on Mondays. Who knew aqua-aerobics was so hard?! I didn’t. A fine work out with some protection for the joints. With the swimming I have realised how terribly unfit I’d become, and 3 weeks into it, I can see how quickly I am progressing back to fitness.
  • Doing more with the boys. I can actually join in in parks and soft play now, and take a quietly perverse pleasure in occasionally running them ragged for a change 🙂
  • Osteopathy combined with Pilates. There’s a clinic nearby that does this. I’ll give it a shot once the singing is over. I’ve got some really gnarly muscle, tendon and joint issues left over from the last year and a half. I hope this will be a good active physio for it. Expensive, mind.
  • Talking of £££, I am thinking about how to get back into some work once the older boy is settled in his new school in January. So, gissa job! I need more clothes now all this movement is letting me lose weight at last.

    What a lot of plans hey? And if it all goes belly up, like me at the end of a tough aqua-aerobics session, then Plan B is knowing I can cope with most of the challenges of RA if I give myself a chance. I still keep practising the meditation and relaxation techniques I need to deal with setbacks, pain and uncertainty.

  • PlanB

    Plan B


    2 Responses to "Plans A to Z"

    It’s wonderful that you’re able to do so many things you love right now. Here’s hoping it stays that way for a good long time.

    Sounds like you’re doing pretty well. That’s good to hear!

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