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3rd Humira dose

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Slow to report on this one, heh? That’s because I haven’t been so housebound. I took the 3rd dose on the 6th October. Had a two day headache, but no joint instability or other weirdness. Energy levels are more consistent. Both day by day and across time back to the old pre-RA me. I’d say I’m running on about 80% of previous energy levels. Not bad at all given that also includes underactive thyroid !

No infections at all since this dose, no side effects others than that headache, and an upsurge of hope.


2 Responses to "3rd Humira dose"

Good Luck with Humira! It worked great for me for years

Good news, Franky 😀

I say it this way: no news is good news. When my RA friends are so quiet, they are either doing too good to sit still and blog OR too bad to talk about it. GLAD it is the former. 😀

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