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Help given and gladly received

Posted on: October 2, 2009

Went back to GP this pm. Lucked through on the phones 3rd attempt today, got a 2pm appt. Which only took an extra hour out of husband’s day, thankfully. I’d had a reasonable night, slept 2x 3 hour stretches, but despite feeling human did not have the confidence to make it through the weekend as was.

Saw yet another GP (TM), as on Tuesday this one is sweet, caring and supportive. Had a useful cathartic cry at that niceness. It is so amazing to feel taken care of, a little goes a very long way, doesn’t it? She’s reviewed the meds, I’ve got to get used to Tramadol during the day. She wonders if this is an Humira side effect. Cancelled the cocodamol, as being ineffective. Worked out a schedule of ibuprofen and paracetemol and Tramadol to wrap round day and night, plus Temazepam (yikes) for Plan B. This Plan B today is to knock me out, knock me down resource for the weekend in case of a really nasty night like Monday or Wednesday again.

Constructively, she hoo-ha’d me off of going for private MRI, as not sure it’s even an MRI I need. Couldn’t say what would happen at ‘Max-Facs’ consult exactly, but outlined likely imaging possibilities. Wrapped up with getting my permission if she thought of anything else, could she call me. I said yes, taking this to mean she’d double check she’d done right and correct herself later if not – this has happened before with others:)
But no, she called me back at 1745, she’d spoken to the ‘Max-Facs’ and given them my mobile. They may call if they can squeeze me in earlier. Wow.

Now feel a complete fraud in my fuzzy Tramadol haze of minor pain. A fraud for possible queue jumping. Sorry this is all a bit incoherent, that’d be the drugs!


3 Responses to "Help given and gladly received"


thanks for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

black hattitude.

Yay for some good help for you! I have had a string of bad reaction to every drug they’ve put me on for RA, so I have been treating mine mostly through diet with occasional ibuprofen and paracetamol to get me through the worst.

Woohoo for some serious help – and you never know, cancellations do happen! I got that one a month earlier than I needed it (and thus pretty useless and unnecessary queue jumping on my part – oops) with the rheumy department – but in your case it’s NOT unnecessary queue jumping so don’t go wasting what energy you’ve got feeling guilty about it … just get it seen as soon as you can.

OK, coming off my high horse for the day now – it’s a long way up and I’m starting to feel a bit dizzy …

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