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Posted on: October 1, 2009

‘It’s not a marathon, it’s a series of sprints’

Is the mantra I’m chanting to get through today. Many thanks to my mum friend who has taken the older boy out to run off his morning steam. Struggling with resurgence last night of sudden onset (caused by chewing!!) of the TMJ pain. Pain gnawing through continued painkiller use this am, but feeling close to overwhelmed by the hangover of last night’s meds and the FRUSTRATION of feeling no fatigue and all other joints calm on the Humira, only to be kiboshed by this. I am telling myself it is due to joint deflaming. It is some comfort to feel there’s a reason.

Considering how/if to hold out for 23rd October Maxillo-facial consultation. Go to GP to find out what they will do? Can she speed it up? Or just go private? How desperate are we I wonder? It’d be ‘cancel Xmas’ territory if we did.


4 Responses to "Endurance"

oooh, gosh, poor woman. i hope not for me. i think the pain is too continuous now to be this. oh, i wonder, i wonder….

Yes, that is a TAD steep, isn’t it?! Very glad you’ve got some more help – will look forward to reading about it, but I hope not too soon, because if it goes up tonight I’ll know you were up with the pain. ;o(

I hope it’s not trigeminal neuralgia – a friend of mine has that and it’s no fun at all.

It’s 450 upwards for scan and same day consult…but I felt it too much the sledgehammer to crack a nut! I’d do it for a suspected cancer for example, if I had a 3 month NHS wait, for example. But not probable RA pain for a 3 week wait. Though it is my worst pain, ever. Of any kind. Anyway, got some more help today..will post when I get the chance, have been up a fair bit at night with pain, so maybe overnight.

Aaaaaaaaargh, it’s so wrong that you have to go through hell just to get some help when you’re going through hell already! Thank goodness that the GP at the end of it last time was decent… but obviously not a miracle worker, sadly.

Don’t want to be on a downer here, but if the £300 private is JUST for the scan, then it wouldn’t help much unless you fork out again for a consultation etc. Hopefully it wasn’t just for the scan though…

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