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Early daze

Posted on: September 15, 2009

Kind of can’t believe my luck. Humira seems to have started work already. Days 1-5 and I had no fatigue at all, and only residual (left over from damage) joint pain. Day 6-7 and I’ve really been over doing it and made myself ache again. Especially as I had the classic Humira streaming cold onset a few hours after first jab.

Am in a daze however. A combination of too many plans(*) whizzing through my head, and the resurgence of the ever-bugging right TMJ pain. Or is it? Is it jaw ache? No rude comments needed about that, ta! Anyway, it’s taken some mighty, mighty pain relief and even a tot of Jackie D at 0400 at the weekend to get me out of writhing discomfort. All the time going to myself:

“Yay SNEEZE I feel COUGH better!”

In summary, Humira has already started working. Am trying to settle into it all more quietly, sort out all these other bits and bobs and get on with life.

(*)Some of which have come to pass, witness: empty ironing pile, painted cupboard door, good quality food at every meal again, all clothes worth it darned and put by for later, bulbs bedded in, soil improved. It's a miracle really.


4 Responses to "Early daze"

Good luck to you. I tried methotrexate, which I couldn’t tolerate, then Humira which didn’t work for me. I’m now on Simponi (similar to Humira) which shows great promise. While on Humira, I found myself to be very fatigued and irritable. Research led me to start taking folic acid supplements which have had immediate and wonderful results. If you’re still feeling fatigued, you might try this yourself. I started with 1 mg per day, saw my rheumatologist who suggested that I up it to 2 mg per day.

I was diagnosed with RA in June 2008 and have since lost a hip and a shoulder to the disease. My blog is if you’re interested in learning more about my adventures.

Can’t remember if i suggested to you before, but may be worth seeing kinesiologist for TMJ, as apart from the bone issue, you may need help on the muscles keeping things in place, and that can be tweaked gently back into the right place.
I have mild TMJ from teeth grinding & a dislocatable jaw, wearing a toothguard doesn’t do it for me & just makes me dribble 🙂

Glad the drugs are working, keep believing in miracles, they *do* happen 🙂

Cheers:0 Nah, that’s just a quiet week, honest!

Fantastic!! I’m so pleased for you … don’t forget to pace yourself though. (I know, booooooring, but sounds like you’ve turned into a whirlwind overnight!)

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