Synovial Syntax


Posted on: September 2, 2009

Humira is delivered on Friday, I then look at it in the fridge until the nurse comes and shows me how to self in ject. May do myself, being an ex-nurse anyway. Hope it’s soon anyway, very sore, hard to type/sleep/eat again.

Well I say hard to sleep. One thing makes it easy…the merchants of filth departed yesterday! Evicted. Gone. For good. Locks changed. House a disaster I’m told. Strip down and refit commences tomorrow, to give a lovely duet with other neighbour *still* building his treehouse. Will be let under better control of owner, we’re assured. They have been very good so far, while acting within the law, so it may indeed go well next time. I cannot believe how lovely it it to once again have stillness and quiet the norm between 1200 and 0700. Magic.


2 Responses to "Waiting"

Good to hear that those neighbors have finally departed! Best of luck with learning to self-inject.

Not long to go now! Don’t envy you the pointy needle bits but if it works, it works!

Found another idea for you to get your head around 🙂

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