Synovial Syntax


Posted on: August 27, 2009

Soooo, there I was mentally twiddling my thumbs during husband’s birthday treat. We’re watching a DVD called ‘Eagle Eye’, about a Big Brother computer that runs amok and tries to take over the good ole US of A while wantonly killing actors I vaguely recognised. The chinless wonder lead is being rung up and given instructions and is haring around improbable situations and bouncing after improbably large falls, like his co-stars nice hair do. It’s a boy movie with paranoia supplied by mobile phones, essentially.

Then my message service rings and a bored woman says

‘Mrs S, we are ready to make our first delivery to you. Service is available between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Please call us on nnnnnnnnnn’

I nearly corpsed laughing at the coincidence. At least I don’t have to run around breathlessly to reach my next instruction point (the only type of running I could probably manage).

I assume this is Healthcare at Home who are outsourced to provide Humira delivery and injection training.

Or is it …… ?

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