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Out flu enza

Posted on: August 14, 2009

Well, that was fun. Not. I slept a LOT, my husband had to do all the childcare (ouch ££) and I was a bit frightened. Here’s what happened with my first immunosupressed infection go-round:

Rapidly felt ill Monday am. No runny nose, no cough, mildest of tickly throats. Went to bed and pretty much stayed there til Thursday am. Had only very minor temperature and that went on Wednesday. The thing that laid me flat, and boy can I keep going when needed! was the headache and muscle aches all over. I truly did not want to move and therefore did not take GP up on kind offer of emergency appointment. A kinder offer would have been to visit me at home, but we just don’t that this much in inner London. Woke on Thursday with unmistakeable signs of something happening to my chest, but the muscle aches were mostly gone and thought I’d better go and get chest listened to.

The magic words ‘immunosuppressed’ and ‘maybe flu’ got me seen straight away and by a variety of docs. My slight tickly throat was pointed out to actually contain somewhat green and huge tonsils. Diagnosis, viral followed by bacterial infections with the just-caught start of a chest infection. Feeling rapidly better on penicillin. Got to take it for 10 days, bore. Have programmed my phone to beep me to take them, as I’m deadly serious about annihilating any bacterial lurkers.

Could quite happily sleep moe right now, but doing kid care, oh well. That then, was my first experience of steroid/methotrexate masked infections. Quite odd, and yes, the symptoms are nothing like pre-immunosupression infection. All very odd. Have to phone for blood results later today, and throat swab results next week. I hope I can get fill in this mystery some more soon.


1 Response to "Out flu enza"

Oh ICK! Have read the next post though and you SOUND better so I hope you’re feeling better! As to:

“A kinder offer would have been to visit me at home, but we just don’t that this much in inner London,” guess what? We don’t do it in rural Norfolk either … guess you’ve figured that by now though!! ;o)

I think we don’t really do it in the UK anymore. Might be different on the islands of Scotland or something … will have to ask friends in Mull!

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