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Flipping hell

Posted on: August 8, 2009

One of the (few) lucky things about getting RA is that I had a good stock of emotional intelligence to try to handle it. It is still really tough to come to terms with, even at this relatively early stage of this progressive and chronic situation. However, I know that happy-ish people like myself return to being happy-ish under even more extreme conditions, and that woe-be-gones are woebegone a year after a big lottery win and marriage to Prince Charming. I’m lucky I haven’t had too hard a time doing that part of acceptance – turning my head upside down and looking for the positive. See PollyannaPenguin’s blog link to the right under the header for a great example.

Here are some examples of me flipping the negative over:

  • This really hurts = praise be to live in a time with reasonably effective pain relief with reasonably manageable side effects
  • My life is over = my life has really taken an interesting twist now
  • I am isolated and lonely = praise be to live in the wired world when I need it but even more it’s great to have a chance to focus on some deep stuff
  • I am exiled from the world of work = the world of work was also a hard place to be, and now I can be left field about how to contribute and entertain myself
  • I’m poorer than I expected = phew, I’m slowing down and may get off the consumption roundabout
  • I’m frightened = I’m rising to the challenge
  • I can’t do what I need or want to do now = I can focus on the essential and important and get there in the end. I can find inventive workarounds and I can tap into others’ humanity to get help or have some slack cut for me
  • My body is useless = my body and mind are amazing to keep going any which way with this, and I’m lucky to live in an age of healthcare and cheap, easy heating and food.
  • Healthcare provision and practices are patchy = er, well I haven’t really conquered this one. I’m alright Jack, I’m lucky-ish compared to others is the best I can do here.
  • Don’t get me wrong none of the above are given flippantly, or achieved easily. But if all I can do is sit on my arse and fret, a lot of the time, it might as well be productive as not, heh?


    4 Responses to "Flipping hell"

    I love your attitude and courage. I’m basically the same way — I’m always looking for the bright side to every situation. It’s tough sometimes with RA, though. It’s helping me lot to discover that there are lots of other people out there, all over the world, who are also learning how to cope with the disease. I knew that intellectually, of course, but in the more than 20 years I’ve had RA, I’ve never met anyone else who had it. Now, online, I’m able to read about and contact many other people like me.

    Thanks for writing this post and this blog. You’re doing good things, SS.

    Thank you SS. Having the online contact is invaluable isn’t it?

    PollyAnna is on my favorite books list 😀 My daughters have it listed on theirs too. Actually, the sequels, too…

    One of my mottos is this: PollyAnna was right. (I love how it aggravates the pessimistic people.)

    It’s not denial. It’s taking power over what you can’t change and doing what you can with it. I also call it my superpower: making lemonade. And you are so good at that glad game that I will want another dose! Great post!

    Glad the vacation was good. 😀

    Excellent … although there I was thinking, ‘Aha! Franky has the answer to how to cope with healthcare provision being a complete nightmare’ … but you ran out at that point. You and me both! Although I shall try to remember to substitute ‘patchy’ for ‘complete nightmare’ in future; that DOES sound more positive. ;o)

    Thanks for the pointer to my blog too! ;o)

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