Synovial Syntax


Posted on: August 3, 2009

Sadly there are no action shots of me during the action packed holiday last week. But I had one short go-round with some problem in my left foot and a few steroid side-effects, one near upchuck post weekly MTX and that was it. Nothing else wrong! A joy. Not that I could believe my luck and relax into it for a while mind you, but the last couple of days saw me doing previously unimaginable things like beach tennis, showing the 4 year old how to roll down slopes and wandering around with little thought for energy levels and ability to make it back or cope with tiredness.

My oh my, I’d forgotten what good felt like. I have to tell myself to get on and enjoy it while it lasts, but the habit of being overprotective is taking a while to shed. So I’m off out to play with the traffic and move the odd mountain while I can!


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