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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Posted on: June 28, 2009

What a grand old weekend. Family, weather, time out. Merchants of Filth have been served eviction notice by the incensed and sensible (now we’ve finally found her) freeholder. It is such a relief there is some peace on the horizon. It has not been helpful for a person with fatigue to have so much interrupted sleep.

I’ve been surfing for a couple of hours to entertain myself after a suprisingly active day. I’m cheating on my blog today by simply linking to this look at Kafka’s NHS. Much has amused me today, but the fact that these diagrams are ‘real’ is probably the lemon-acid icing on my cake.


2 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Afternoon"

*laugh* now my husband is an info architect consultant, but confessed last that his company actually produce delights like these:) I don’t know the book, I’ll ask him as well.

Arrrgggg…information architect is one of my design roles, and I absolutely hate management by useless diagrams, org charts, powerpoint, etc.

Are you familiar with Edward Tufte? His books (website is are a wonderful example of how information should be presented.

Glad that you had a nice weekend, hope you get some restful sleep!

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