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Two thousand’s a crowd

Posted on: June 26, 2009

J and me pre-gig

J and me pre-gig

I had a much anticipated night out last night, Tracey Chapman at the Roundhouse in Camden. Nice and local, gorgeous weather, good company (thanks for thinking of the gig and of me, J) and just a knock out voice, set and venue.

I haven’t been in a crowd like that since, well, since, um, I can’t really remember. I did decline my natural urge to get in the thick of things and boogie away nearer the front, as it suddenly and wisely occurred to me I wouldn’t appreciate joints being knocked and stomped. I went through the usual ‘I’ve been stymied by RA’ reactions in about six minutes: annoyed, tempted to ignore it, felt sorry for myself +++, got over myself and thought ‘I’m here, I can shuffle in time, I can stay the course of the night and wow, she’s got such a voice’. In other words, I accepted it quickly and gracefully and got on with enjoying it. This is really great progress, as earlier in the year I’d have felt sorry for myself for a looooong time and not enjoyed the gig or anything else this week, being in a sulk about my limitations.

It was also an interesting exercise for me to look at the crowd, and see others with visible physical limitations enjoying themselves and imagine how many had invisible burdens they were carrying. I certainly did not feel alone in that crowd. I was even able to be thankful for being so damn fat, when one of those typical pushy-pushy crowd hogs tried to elbow me out of the way during the closing songs. I had about 6 stone in weight on her, and I smiled sweetly, stood my ground and thought ‘The ladies not for turning, dear’. Look at me, identifying with Maggie T . Whatever next in my RA inspired psychological development?

To cap it all, we’ve had some action from the managing agent and the freeholder of the sty house the merchants of filth inhabit next door. We have hopes of effective action over the next few days. Fingers crossed, those of us whose joints allow it 🙂


1 Response to "Two thousand’s a crowd"

Tracy Chapman – cool! I saw her in Berkeley California when she toured after her “Telling Stories” album. I loved it (except for the person in front of me who sang louder than she did during Fast Cars.)

Glad to read that you were out in the crowd!

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