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C day tomorrow

Posted on: June 23, 2009

C day is consultation day. Tomorrow’s is also ‘cap in hand’ day. At the last consult he mentioned anti-TNFs as next stage, as I’ve not been responding well to methotrexate and sulphasalzine. I’m particularly hoping to be shot of the sulfa, which is no good for my mood. I’m going to ask if we can skip the anti-TNF and go straight to Rituximab, as it’s clearly shaping up to be more effective, and cheaper than anti-TNFs. Don’t expect a yes, as it’s not approved in my care stage yet by NICE. But if I don’t ask, I don’t get.

Have been having a lot of pain and immobility in many joints, but am not going to ask for a steroid jab. I’d rather save that for the onset of winter, when I expect things to be really sore, if last winter is anything to go by. Must look into that, the effect of weather.


2 Responses to "C day tomorrow"

I’m not sure. I have a vague idea he said three, but I was in a haze of shock the first few consuls. And I’m not at all keen on steroids, I have such a fear of their side effects. Am considering asking for one into my jaw joint, which is ghastly painful at times.

What’s your doctor’s limit on steriod injections? My PCP will do them every three months (cortisone, not pred). If yours will do them frequently, you could get one now, and again if you need one for the winter. Just a thought.

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