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More about the merchants

Posted on: June 20, 2009

Merchants of Filth, June 17 2009

Merchants of Filth, June 17 2009

This picture got some very funny comments on Facebook, ‘Pete Doherty left his hat’ and ‘Do they bounce the bin bags off the trampoline’ being two of them. If I can just say they are as noisy at night as they are dirty in this pic, I think you can guess the stress the neighbourhood and us on either side of them are living with.

The freeholder lives in a glorious quiet road in leafy Hampstead, and if she doesn’t do something about her tenants soon, I fear I may not overcome my urge to take the bin bags up for her to enjoy. She’s a QC (!) so I won’t be doing a thing illegal, but noone can stop me enjoying thinking about them.


1 Response to "More about the merchants"

The stink pile has gone. I was making breakfast as the bin men collected. They were not happy bunnies. No doubt I’ll hear all about it from K, whose husband works on our bin colelction!

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