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Doctors love graphs

Posted on: June 19, 2009

My consultant’s eyes light up when I reappear with this each visit, and he shows it off to any visitors. I capture the data every couple of days. It makes him happy, and gives me an illusion of control, which is a double good thing.

Symptoms v. Treatment

Symptoms v. Treatment

And as time goes by I find it useful to see what’s going on in cold hard counts. The data sheet behind this simple graph is peppered with comments, so I can quickly recall when my left jaw 1st went, my shoulders. Should anyone ever be that interested…

It’s also nice in consults to have a concrete focus when it comes to symptoms, or my stiff upper lip instinct kicks in. Do you know this? ‘Why so kind of you to ask Doctor, I’ve been fine, fine thank you. Bit of a dicky time with the old fingers now and then, tiring I suppose but it’s rather nice now spring is here. How is your garden? ‘ when what has actually been happening is major immobility and near comatose tiredness.


2 Responses to "Doctors love graphs"

Well, I’m taking a deep bow then, thank you! And you know what, this is the redacted version 🙂

Oh I love this: you are my data heroine! I don’t love that you are in pain, of course – wish it were a line bumbling along down at zero – but I love that you have found a way to chart this, and I actually think you have a rather fabulous idea here for patient self-monitoring.

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